Khavinson Peptides and the secret behind it

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Facts about Endoluten und Epitalon


The body’s clock that control almost all signs of aging is well know from scientists.

Every year new studies are published that show the common factor between people who are healthier and younger-looking than other people their age: longer telomeres.

That’s why keeping your telomeres long and healthy is one of the most important things you can do to keep the rest of your body youthful and strong.

We can measure the your Telomere length, which is a fantastic Bio Marker and it will cost you just as little as 149.- € (plus freight & tax). Just send us a Mail and we send you all the information about it!

Identical Twin Study Shows Longer Telomeres Make You “Younger”

There was a study of identical twins – one of the most interesting and useful kind of studies you can have. Participants were asked to look at photos of 913 pairs of twins, side by side, and choose which one of the twins looked younger.

When they looked at the photos, the twin that looked younger turned out to be the one with the longer telomeres. These twins also had better health than their older-looking siblings.

And that’s not the only thing that studies show us about telomeres. Research also shows us that every part of your body is affected by shortening telomeres. It gets harder for your heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, pancreas and other organs to do their jobs as your telomeres get shorter.

Here’s an example. There’s a type of tissue in your cardiovascular system called endothelium. When this tissue does its job, your heart is strong. When this tissue is damaged by oxidative stress from free radicals, telomere length is also affected.

There are a lot of factors that determine whether your heart will stay in peak condition, but maintaining your telomeres is one more step you can take. Research shows us that healthy individuals have longer telomeres in their endothelium.

Among 100 years old people, the healthier are those with longer telomeres

If you want proof of how much telomeres matter, check the oldest people’s DNA!
In a study of 38 people who were 100 years or older, the healthiest ones had the longest telomeres. They had stronger heart and lung function, healthy blood sugar, and better brain function than those with shorter telomeres.

Science has shown that Endoluten / Epitalon is the most powerful factor ever found to stop the aging of the human body and to rejuvenate it.
This is the only product that is scientifically proven in clinical studies in humans and in laboratory studies on cells.

Since telomerase was discovered, it is known to be responsible for the construction and repair of telomeres, the protective ends of the strands of our DNA, which allow seamless and endless duplication of this DNA during the production of new cells.

The Nobel of Medecine was awarded to three Americans, for their work on telomerase, an enzyme that could be the key to eternal youth.

“The solution to a major problems”
“This year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is awarded to three scientists who found the solution to a major problem in biology: how the chromosomes can be completely copied during cell division and how they are protected against degradation,” according the statement of the Committee.

“The Nobel Laureates have shown that the solution lay in the endings of chromosomes, telomeres, and in an enzyme that forms them, telomerase,” he adds.
“These findings have added a new dimension to our understanding of cell and informed the disease mechanisms and stimulated the development of potential new therapies,” the statement concluded.

Telomerase allows healthy cells to reproduce beyond the usual limit, to rejuvenate the body indefinitely without surgery, chemical or hazardous materials.

Endoluten / Epitalon is the best known so far to reactivate the production of telomerase in our cells, and so to lengthen our telomeres during cell reproduction.

A regular intake of Endoluten/Epitalon can provide telomerase throughout the cell duplication, and gradually lengthen the telomeres of all our cells and rejuvenate the whole body!

Like all our cells do not reproduce at same time, some cycles are shorter or longer depending on the organs involved and also the conditions of life and the nutrition of each person, it is important to take Endoluten/Epitalon on a regular basis and for as long as possible.

Endoluten/Epitalon has been tested successfully for many years (1992-2007) by the scientists from the Institute of Gerontology of St. Petersburg.
That shows how much it is safe, as renowned scientists have taken it themselves for years

The results show an increase in the duration of healthy life by more than 7 years, taking Epitalon over a period of 12 years and only 20 days per year by the already aged scientists.
We can conclude that taking Endoluten/Epitalon permanently will allow us to live healthy and almost endlessly!

That is why Endoluten/Epitalon is the only telomerase activator which we can be sure of the effectiveness and benefits over the long term.
All other products called “telomerase activators” have no proven effects by scientific literature and even less by clinical studies on humans or even cells.


Telomere length is associated with all chronic diseases associated with ageing, which means that when the body breaks down, the telomeres shorten and vice versa. And when the telomeres reach their lower limit, they become too short for the cell to reproduce.

Cells stopping to duplicate and thus prevent the body to renew itself, and organs are missing new cells to repair themselves, and begin gradually to function less and less, and finally stop working completely.

It is the whole body that needs to be repaired regularly and Endoluten/Epitalon allows cells to continue to reproduce division after division, lengthening telomeres, exceeding the limit of this biological clock that condemns us to die so quickly, when life is so good.


The exceptional effects of Epitalon are not based on false evidence or on placebo effects, as some would have us believe, but on scientific and clinical studies published internationally for many years.

People who take Endoluten/Epitalon regularly will confirm you the effects they feel, and the good health that goes with it, and that gets better over the years, all the organs of the body being gradually repaired and cells continuously rejuvenated.

Endoluten/Epitalon is the best investment for a GOOD HEALTH!

The anti-aging effects Endoluten/Epitalon are scientifically proven by numerous scientific studies for many years.

More than 100 studies have been published in English on Epitalon. Even more if we add other languages, including Russian, where Epitalon is studied since the 1970s

In the early 1970s, the Institute of Gerontology of St Petersburg, Russia, including Professor Khavinson, began to study the immunosuppressive mechanism of the body, both experimentally and clinically.

They found that with age there was a deterioration of the functioning of the central organs of the immune system, the thymus(a), and the neuroendocrine system, the pineal gland

The first results of scientific studies on the Epitalon / Epithalamine were published in 1979. But the clinical study that has completely revolutionized the science of human ageing was published in 2002 by the Institute of Gerontology and Professor Khavinson, because it showed a very significant reduction in the mortality of participants, up to 4 times less for those who took Epitalon!

It lasted seven years and concerned 266 SCIENTISTS over the age of 60, who took the peptide during the first 3 years, except for a specific group that took it for 6 years showing that Epitalon has an huge impact on the long term too.

The results proved that we can regulate and standardize the basic functions of the body through such a bio regulator. Significant improvements were recorded on the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune and nervous systems, and homeostasis and metabolism of the organism as a whole.

For example they recorded 2 to 2.5 times fewer respiratory illnesses, fewer heart problems, less hypertension, less arteriosclerosis and less osteoporosis, which spawned a far less mortality during the period of this study , compared to the group that did not take Epitalon.

There were almost two times fewer deaths in the group taking the Epitalon and 2.5 times less in the group taking the Epitalon and at the same time Vilon (thymus peptides).

Another group took Epitalon and Vilon every year for 6 years, and mortality was four times less elevated compared to the untreated group!

This proves without doubt that the results are better with a regular intake instead of a single course. This makes sense when you know that Epitalon generates longer telomeres and allows the cells to reproduce much longer.
Each course or dose of Epitalon gives you the ability to regenerate cells to repair the entire body.

The experiment focused on telomerase, an enzyme that makes the units of DNA that seal the ends of chromosomes, called telomeres.

As people age, their low levels of telomerase are associated with telomere erosion. Dr. DePinho and his colleagues wanted to see whether reactivating telomerase in mice could slow down, reverse telomere shortening.

Endoluten/Epitalon prevent degradation of the immune system!
Here is a scientific study that shows that Epitalon (the peptide Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly) also has the ability to activate the proliferation of lymphocytes, which is an essential element in the fight against aging while staying healthy.

The immune system is a key element in the life of our cells, for it is he, through the T lymphocytes (“T” because these cells mature in the thymus after birth in the bone marrow), which get rid of invading pathogens.

Older people suffer more often and more severely from infections than younger people.

We have long known that seniors are more frequently and severely affected by infectious diseases than young ones.
Several factors weigh in favor of an infection in the elderly. At an advanced age, the skin and mucous membranes are more damaged, germs can easily enter the body. Moreover, chronic diseases typically present with age, such as arteriosclerosis (calcification of the arteries) and diabetes inhibit wound healing and the immune system.

We know that the immune system of a ‘young’ can react faster and more effectively against a microbe than a senior one.

During his life, a human being is faced with many microbes, fought fortunately in most cases victoriously by the immune system . Most of the time, this victorious battle takes place without us being aware of it. Sometimes we suffer from fever and other symptoms, consequences of this struggle. There are also germs (especially viruses) that are controlled and mitigated by the body, but that it can not make them disappear completely.

There is probably a price to pay : we believe that these chronic infections cause the immune system to use a lot of its energy, and with time, it is no longer able to react sufficiently quickly and effectively against the new infections. It’s the same with vaccination in elderly people . To create a sufficient protection, it is necessary to have a fully functional immune system.

Epitalon has been tested successfully for many years (1992-2007) by the scientists from the Institute of Gerontology of St. Petersburg.
That is to say how much it is without any danger, as renowned scientists have themselves taken it for many years.

The results show an increase in the duration of healthy life by more than 7 years, taken over a period of only 12 years and only 20 days per year by these already aged scientists.
That is why it is the only telomerase activator which you can be sure of the effectiveness and benefits over the long term.


NOTE: This is general information and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE MEDICAL ADVICE


For further advice on individual needs or symptoms speak to your MEDICAL PRACTITIONER