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Unique information on bio-regulating peptides by world-known professor Vladimir Khavinson, president of the European Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, pioneer in the discovery of organ-specific peptides, called “bioregulators,” which are made by the body and can reduce disease and mortality.

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RESPIRATORY PEPTIDE SET CHONLUTEN, CRYSTAGEN AND VESUGEN (3 packs of Peptides 60 capsules for a 10 day treatment)

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CHONLUTEN, CRYSTAGEN AND VESUGEN (3 packs of Peptides 60 capsules for a 10 day treatment) 

It normalizes bronchitis function by reducing peptide deficiency and supporting protein synthesis within its cells. Chonlutene is recommended for anyone whose bronchitis may deteriorate, especially smokers, elderly people and people with bronchial spasms, acute and chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory diseases. Chonluten can be combined with other dietary supplements and medicines and should be used in addition to conventional medical treatments. No side effects

Pineal peptide (Endoluten™) 49,90€ from Prof. Dr. Khavinson

ENDOLUTEN just for 49,90 (20 capsules)

A person’s longevity depends strongly on the health of this gland, as it regulates all cyclic processes in the body by secreting melatonin that contributes to the regulation of the body’s circadian. The peptides have beneficial effects on the neuroendokrine, immune, cardiovascular and reproductive systems, as well as carbohydrate metabolism, sleep, bone marrow, bone and joints.                                                     

Endoluten – 60 caps (Prevents cancer, particularly of the reproductive system reduces risk of cancer up to 5 times)

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Peptide Bioregulator Set to boost your Immune System (3 packs with each of 20 capsules)

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Ovagen, Vesugen and Crystagen  they normalizes the function of the immune system by reducing its peptide deficiency and supporting protein synthesis within its cells. The Peptide Bioregulator are recommended to anyone whose immune system may deteriorate, especially older people and people with inflammations or viral and bacterial infections.
It is also useful for people after radiotherapy or chemotherapy, suffering from high stress, having had a heart attack or stroke, and in preoperative or postoperative periods of different operations.
The Peptide Bioregulator can be combined with other dietary supplements and medicines and should be used in addition to conventional medical treatments.

Peptide Set for the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 3 PACK of Peptides (60 capsules)

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Peptides: Important tools for the treatment of central nervous system disorders

This review shows some classical applications of peptides and suggests there is great promise for the treatment of various central nervous system diseases. Actually, peptides are considered the new generation of biologically active tools because they are key regulators in cellular and intercellular physiological responses, which possess enormous potential for the treatment of various diseases. In spite of their clinical potential, native peptides have seen limited use due to their poor bioavailability and low stability in physiological conditions. Moreover, most peptide or protein pharmaceuticals currently in use are delivered by invasive routes such as via subcutaneous injection. Considerable efforts have been made to design new drugs based on peptides and recent developments in technology and science have provided the means and opportunity to produce a stable as well as controlled-release form of peptide and protein drugs to combat poorly controlled diseases and to increase patients’ quality of life. A major challenge in this regard, however, is the delivery of peptides over the blood–brain barrier. This review gives an overview of some strategies used to improve both bioavailability and uptake of peptide drugs for delivery into the brain. Indeed, recent findings suggest that the use of peptides by conjugation to a polymer such as nanoparticles can offer tremendous hope in the treatment of brain disorders. The polymer conjugation improves pharmacokineticsby increasing the molecular mass of proteins and peptides and shielding them from proteolytic enzymes. These new strategies will create new opportunities for the future development of neurotherapeutic drugs. In the present review we have focused our attention on the peptide controlled delivery, summarizing literature reports on the use of peptides and nanotechnology for the treatment and diagnosisof brain disorders.



BONOMARLOT a natural peptide complex
obtained from the bone marrow of young animals. It includes the most active short peptide chain that act directly to the cells of the hematopoietic system, thus stimulating metabolism and improving functional activity of the hematopoietic system. The Bone Marrow Peptide was e specifically developed to recover and maintain the hematopoietic system, prevent from the disorders of various origins, including the impact of extreme environmental factors, disorders, accompanied by anemia. This Peptide prevents the hematopoietic system from age-related alternations.

Bonomarlot bone marrow extract is standardized to native amino acid compounds, also known as peptides. Due to the low molecular weight of the peptides they can easily pass through the stomach via the blood to tissues and organs, where without interfering with major physiological processes they transmit important biological information. Peptides thus play a subtle but very useful role as chemical messengers.


Anemia of Various Origins
Cancer Complex Therapy
Dysfunction of the Bone Marrow

Peptide Bio Regulators “Keeping the Quality of Life”

Peptide Bio Regulators “Keeping the Quality of Life”
“We work to add life to years and to make active and healthy longevity available to everyone “.

Ageing is the most complicate issue in medicine and biology. The process of ageing is a gradual involution of tissues and development of organism malfunctioning. Its symptoms appear already at the end of the reproductive period and become more pronounced with ageing.

Discovery of peptide regulation of ageing
It is known that specific limit of animal and human lifespan is approximately 30-40% higher than their mean lifespan. It could be referred to the impact of adverse factors causing changes in the gene structure and expression accompanied by disorders in the protein synthesis and organism functioning


Peptide-Bioregulator are the future of medicine …

REVEALED: Average lifespan to be 120 YEARS after medical breakthrough, says top scientist

SCIENTISTS believe man is on the brink of having an average lifespan of 120 years after major medical breakthroughs.

Kill cancer cells

Developed in Germany and used worldwide, hyperthermia is scientifically proven to kill cancer cells and can be used to compliment both conventional and alternative treatments.

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