Cytomaxes Natural Peptides 60 capsules for under 68.- €

Conventional medicine provides the only way to cure illnesses – drugs. However, drugs are non-organic and body cannot create a single live cell from it. All the non-organic substances turn to salts of oxalic acid and accumulate in a body leading to Arthrosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis etc.

Main effect of the most Medikaments is blocking of non-specific proteins synthesized by a certain part of the body. However, the reason why the body started synthesizing the non-specific protein is a question none of doctors is capable to answer.

Sigumir – 60 caps Cartilage Peptide (reducing the risk of various joint and spine diseases)

Endoluten – 60 caps (Prevents cancer, particularly of the reproductive system reduces risk of cancer up to 5 times)