Clima 3 Plus Peptide Complex by Khavinson research

Clima 3 Plus Peptide Complex – improves the functioning of the reproductive system of women. With Zhenoluten, Thyreogen & Ventfort.

69.90 – 140.00

“Clima 3 Plus” not only has a positive effect on the reproductive function of the female body, but also maintain normal production of collagen in the dermis and improve the condition of the skin.
The positive effect is manifested when using bioregulators in the period immediately preceding the beginning of the cycle. Peptides maintain hormonal balance, contribute to good mood, offset negative conditions and concerns.
70% of women’s life period associated with the programmed nature of fading female hormones is difficult and accompanied by various disorders. Regular intake of the right complex of peptides will help to survive the discomfort caused by such hormonal “perestroika”.