All our peptides are registered and approved in Sweden.

3 Peptides in 1 capsule starting from 69,90 € Klick here to check our sortiment! of Mono Peptides like Endoluten, Vladonix, Sport 5 Plus and our Peptide Cosmetics. Orders over 500.-€ get shipped for free with DHL Express

Peptide Complexes 3 Plus and 5 Plus. Safe Worldwide Delivery From Sweden

facial serum
Peptide Cosmetic

peptides bioregulators
Endoluten, Vladonix, Svetinorm, Pinealon, Vesugen, Thyreogen etc

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Sport Peptide Complex 5 Plus for Professional Athletes

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Vision Peptide Complex 3 Plus by Khavinson Research Peptide

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Vision Peptide Complex 3 Plus

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