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Aging and protein synthesis

Aging is a major risk factor for disease and death but what is the cause of aging? Despite many theories it is still unknown. What we know is that as we age our body produces fewer proteins that have a large number of important functions in our body. For example:

  • Proteins are vital to cell division, which is necessary for growth, reproduction and healing.
  • Many proteins keep everything working right by regulating chemical reactions. Examples include enzymes, hormones, blood clotting substances, even receptors in the eyes.
  • Protein is essential for the immune system to defend against foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses.
  • Proteins help to transport other nutrients around the body by binding to them and then releasing them when and where they are needed.
  • Protein helps to regulate and maintain a proper fluid balance. This helps to maintain proper blood pressure and even lubricate eyes.
  • Certain proteins serve a major structural role in tissues such as muscle and skin and even provide the matrix for bones and teeth.

Basically, our bodies make thousands of specific proteins that serve important roles in everyday functioning— in fact, the human body is about 45% protein on a dry matter basis.

Triggering molecules

The information about different proteins is stored in the DNA. In order to launch protein synthesis a DNA fragment, a gene, has to be activated by triggering molecules, bio regulators. Bio regulators are relatively short chains of amino acids and they are an essential part of the cell self-regulating mechanism:

Cells constantly degrade aged proteins by breaking them down into amino acids and bio regulators. Some of these bio regulators match specific parts in the cell DNA following the lock-key principle. As a result, the bio regulator resumes the synthesis of the protein from which it was originally built. When the protein ages, it is fragmented into the same bio regulators once again. All of this forms a circular process that is vital to cell life.


However, due to extended exposure to environmental hazards and stress this cell self-regulating mechanism is compromised and we become bio regulator deficient. bio regulator deficiency leads to cell malfunction and eventually to diseases and premature aging. Luckily, we can restore the bio regulator-protein cycle with bio regulator supplements.


There is still no way to stop aging but thanks to the scientists’ intensive work during the last 40 years, we finally have dietary supplements that substantially slow down aging by reducing bio regulator deficiency and restoring cell bio regulator-protein cycles in the body. Thus, if you want to live longer being mentally and physically healthy you have now a real solution.

Why should I use Bio Regulators ?

Why should I use Bio Regulators ?


– Do you often catch cold?
– Are you constantly under a stress?
– Do you live in a big city?
– Do you smoke?

If you answered “yes” to at least two of the questions – your
immunity is in danger! Dis-immunity reduces organism’s tolerance to harmful factors of the external and the internal environment which is one of the reasons for the development of diseases and accelerated aging.

The use of Bio Regulators improves the work of the immune system and promotes the restoration of reserve capabilities of the organism due to their high immun modulator activity.


Each time when we come to talk about health, we speak about metabolism – a factor which is crucial for our body.
However not everyone knows what it is and most importantly – what it does for us.
Metabolism is the process by means of which our organism transforms substances contained in food into energy or the building material for our organs.
Proteins play one of the most important roles in maintaining metabolism in our bodies. Decrease of protein synthesis with age, leads to malfunctions of the exchange processes.
Occurrence of diseases depends on what organ shows the signs of a disrupted metabolic functions. So, if it occurs in the bone tissue – osteoporosis can take place, if in the pancreas – diabetes, in the liver – pancreatitis, etc.
Application of the Bio Regulators stimulates restoration of the disbalance within organs and tissues.

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