Why buying Peptides-Bio Regulators online from an offshore supplier is a gamble with your health.

Why buying peptides online from an offshore supplier is a gamble with your health.
No regulatory control of the peptide product quality, its purity or potency
No regulatory control of the advertising
No accountability for misleading customers
Offshore supply often sells “research grade peptides” yet will not advertise this truth.
When there is no regulatory control, customers must be aware that anything within the website including product certifications of quality may be falsified to mislead potential customers.  Regulatory control protects European consumers. Many of the offshore suppliers will advertise their Research peptides passing them off as Pharmaceutical Grade Peptides.

Research Peptides are not safe for human consumption.
They do not undergo the rigorous protocol required for maintaining the sterility and purity of product.
Research peptides are often found to contain contaminants which are harmful to the body. Since peptides typically get introduced into the body by way of injection, a lack of purity may lead to a patient injecting a plethora of unknown compounds and contaminants directly into the bloodstream.
Overseas suppliers create websites specifically focused on targeting the European peptide market, selling directly to European patients, posing as a local vendor. Be wary of these, as we have just covered, the consumer is not protected when the product comes from an offshore supply.  Without regulatory control, business goes on as usual regardless, and there is no accountability required for misleading customers.

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