Cardio Peptide Complex 3 Plus by Khavinson Research Peptides

Cardio Peptide Complex

Cardio 3 Plus is a complex of natural polypeptides that improves the function of the cardiovascular system. It helps to reduce the severity of age-related changes, regulates metabolic processes and increases the resistance of heart cells and blood vessels to external and internal negative influences.

Heart problems are the leading cause of death worldwide. Peptides of the liver, blood vessels and heart as part of bioregulators can be used both to maintain heart health and as part of a complex system when disorders have already appeared.

Take 2 capsules after breakfast.
We recommend repeating the course every 3 months.

Any motor requires careful maintenance
Bioregulator Peptides are natural substances that help cell regeneration and renewal, improve the production of their own proteins and hormones, rather than supply them in a ready-made form.
Complex “Cardio 3 Plus” is useful for increased loads and stress:

Peptides regulate metabolism in the cells of the heart muscle and restore the synthesis of essential proteins and hormones. Therefore, the effect persists for a long time after the end of the course.
Defects in cellular structure are eliminated, aging processes in tissues are slowed down. The use of peptides prevents the risk of developing severe disorders in the work of the heart and blood vessels.
Restoring the balance of ions in the cells of the heart allows you to increase resistance to physical stress and avoid the negative effects of stress and nervous overstrain.

Protection of the heart and blood vessels
Short peptides stimulate the processes of cellular recovery, improve metabolism in the heart muscle, and reduce sensitivity to physical activity.

The complex’s peptides help restore the integrity of the vascular wall and prevent blood clots in them by improving liver function.

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