Epitalon and what it does for you

Epithalon,  is an Epithalamin synthetic version produced naturally in the body. The main use of Epithalon is to boost natural telomerase production in the body. Telomerase is an enzyme that occurs naturally and whose purpose is to protect the DNA. The peptide allows for DNA replication facilitating the growth of new cells through the rejuvenation of damaged or old cells. Epithalone is one of the best substances or peptides that boost telomerase production which also comes with anti-ageing properties.


Vesugen and Ventfort

The best you can do besides eating right is to keep your blood vessels in best possible shape. Use Ventfort or Vesugen for 10 days every 3 to 6 month.

Improves the performance of BLOOD VESSELS by improving the trophism of the vascular wall cells and regulating their metabolic processes. By normalising the functional and morphological changes in the vascular wall, they regulate blood content of cholesterol and lipoproteins, decreasing the risk of various vascular issues. A key peptide and may be combined with others such as Chelohart, Visoluten

With age, blood vessels become harder and affected by atherosclerosis. As a result, vessels often can not provide adequate blood circulation to all tissues. Nowadays, coronary artery disease (cure of arteries in the heart) is the leading cause of death in both men and women. The vessel system has an influence on, inter alia, high and low blood pressure, weak arteries and high cholesterol. Ventfort is a dietary supplement with natural blood vessel peptides. It supports the blood vessel function by reducing peptide deficiency in protein synthesis in the cells. Active substance: peptide complex A-3 (peptides of vessels) Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose (E460), sugar beet, lactose, starch, polysorbate-80. Recommendations for use for adults: 1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day with meals. Quantity: 20 capsules. Repeat every 3-6 months. No side effects.

Ventfort – 60 caps (purify, repair and boost vascular system’s health and performance)


The Power of BCP-157 Pentadecapeptide stimulating fibroblasts


BCP-157 is a peptide expert have established its effectiveness in treating wounds and disorders in other areas of the body. These disorders include damage to the surface of the skin, damaged muscles and tendons, bone deficiencies and even, disorders of the corneal tissue of the eye.
Angiogenesis or the formation of new blood vessels, and the generation of granular tissue at the site of a skin injury is essential to healing, and experts believe that BCP-157 has the quality of initiating these processes. The peptide also seems to boost the production of collagen.

BCP-157, Collagen and Healing
Our bodies are made collagen, a protein that endows the body with strength and stamina. Collagen gives young skin its smooth appearance, and connects bone with muscle. In fact, collagen holds the entire anatomy together, providing the bed of tissue through which blood vessels deliver nutrients to vital organs. Damage to this tissue disrupts the blood supply, causing the skin to appear unhealthy until the tissue repairs itself and the blood supply returns.

BCP-157 may work by stimulating fibroblasts, cells found in the connective tissues of animals, to produce collagen and other structural tissues.

How BCP-157 Works
BCP-157 works are its effect upon the production of growth factor or hormone GH, which is produced in the anterior pituitary gland of the body. The hypothalamus normally regulates this production, but BCP-157 may override this hypothalamic function and cause the pituitary gland to produce a greater quantity of GH.

Another effect that BCP-157 may have is the modulation of nitric oxide in the tissues, thus resulting in the reduction of cellular inflammation. Early reports indicate that the substance may protect the body against convulsions.

The Benefits of BCP-157
When treated with BCP-157, individuals undergoing tendon-bone reconstructive surgery recover more quickly than average. This may be due to the action of the peptide upon the fibroblasts present in tendon tissue.

The advantage of rapid healing is a benefit for manual labourers who need to get back to work, and athletes who want to rejoin the competitive world. This peptide also seems effective in treating intestinal tissue, damaged by fistulas because of the association of BCP-157 with tissue regeneration.

Summary of Facts About BCP-157

BCP-157 is a peptide with healing powers.
The peptide can accelerate the healing of wounds, and bone and muscular injuries.
BCP-157 promotes the generation of blood vessels, granular tissue and collagen.
The substance seems to stimulate the fibroblasts found in tendons to generate new tissue.
The peptide has a regulatory effect upon growth factors like GH, cytokines and metabolites, promoting the growth of new bone and cartilage.
The substance reduces cellular inflammation by modulating the production of nitric oxide.
Individuals who are prone to convulsions may benefit from treatment.
Individuals who wish to develop muscle and increase bodily strength take small, regular doses of the substance.
Users report no side-effects or mood changes following the use of the substance.




Epitalon boosts the protein and sugar-digesting enzymes activities

How Epithalone Works
The main use of Epiphone is to boost natural telomerase production in the body. Telomerase is an enzyme that occurs naturally and whose purpose is to protect the DNA. The peptide allows for DNA replication facilitating the growth of new cells through the rejuvenation of damaged or old cells. A certain study, which is around 35 years old, shows that Epithalone is one of the best substances or peptides that boost telomerase production which also comes with anti-ageing properties.

According to the experiments conducted, longer strands of telomere go hand in hand with enhanced overall cell health. Additionally, researchers have discovered that one twin with better production of telomerase looks younger and healthier compared to a fellow twin. This is according to an experiment conducted on at least 903 pairs of twins.

Research Results on Epilation
Scientists have conducted many experiments in controlled laboratory environments to show how Epithalon acts as an anti-ageing agent. The results revealed that the ageing process in organs and cells stopped temporarily, began reversing or slowed down at a cellular level when Epithalon was introduced.

Uses and Effects of Epithalon
To start with, there are no any documented dangerous side effects associated with Epithalon.



GHK-Cu Tripeptide Set for Skin Restoration

Benefits of Copper Peptide GHK-Cu
Copper Peptide is a small molecule that holds many health benefits such as:

1. Skin Restoration
GHK-Cu is a key ingredient in cosmetic products used to reduce the signs of aging by firming and toning the skin, removing deep wrinkles and lines on the face, reduce skin spots and lesions and improve the overall skin appearance.

2. Stimulate Wound Healing
GHK-Cu is produced naturally in the body. It is found in human plasma and is released from the tissues when physical injuries occur. It’s regenerative properties and anti-inflammatory effects accelerate wound repair and healing. Patients are encouraged to use GHK-Cu after surgery to reduce scarring and advance the healing process.

3. Reduce Pain, Aggression, and Anxiety
Apart from its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, GHK-Cu physical structure resembles Cimetidine, a component that is used to reduce pain.

4. Hair Re-growth
As mentioned earlier, Copper Peptide GHK-Cu strongly stimulates hair growth by increasing follicle cell proliferation and decreasing programmed follicle cell death.

5. Anti-Cancer Effects
GHK-Cu is capable of reversing the expression of specific genes associated with the metastatic spread of colon cancer.

Copper Peptide GHK-Cu has been studied by doctors and researchers worldwide for over 40 years. It’s biological effects have been proven through research studies and clinical trials on humans, as well as lab rats. GHK-Cu is naturally produced by the human body and is safe to administer as a serum or microneedle treatment. It’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as, its ability to amplify collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan synthesis, repair tissue and regulate human genes makes it a prominent medical breakthrough.



Be careful with a laser therapy of drusen in age-related macular degeneration

Safe your eye-sight and your money and read this information first:

A conventional laser therapy leads to a reduction in the drusen via a thermocoagulation of the tissue, but it also damages the photoreceptors in the radiation field and ultimately does not prevent the progression of the AMD. In addition, the breakdown and decline of drusen can sometimes also be observed in the natural course of the disease. Therefore, according to the recommendation of the professional societies, conventional laser therapy for dry AMD can not be recommended at present.

More recent micropulses and / or sub-threshold laser methods are offered as so-called “selective retinal therapy” (SRT) or as so-called nanosecond laser “2RT” from Ellex for the treatment of macular invertebrates. They are intended to exert the desired effect on the pigment epithelial cells without damaging the overlying photoreceptors. These procedures are currently in clinical trials for early and intermediate dry AMD (in the absence of geographic atrophy). So far there is no scientifically proven evidence to be able to conclusively assess the positive effect on the course of an AMD.

Currently, according to the recommendation of the professional societies, any retinal laser therapies for dry AMD should only be performed within clinical trials.



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Does the Microbiome Help the Body Fight Cancer?

Analysis of your gut bacteria status

  • Correct balance of good and bad bacteria
  • Permeability of your intestinal wall (leaky gut)
  • Nutrient absorption ability
  • Fungal infection
  • Strategies to improve your gut bacteria (microbiome)