Exercise Really is the Fountain of Youth

A new blockbuster study out of Brigham Young University found that people who exercised regularly were biologically 9 years younger than their more sedentary counterparts. Using the same method as TeloYears, the BYU researchers measured the telomere lengths of over 5,900 participants and then indexed their telomere lengths to those of a large representative population. Participants’ activity levels across 62 different physical activities were also quantified. Analysis revealed that regular physical activity correlated with significantly longer telomeres that accounted for an additional 9 years less biological aging for the most physically active compared with those that were sedentary. The study’s authors postulated that regular physical activity can reduce disease risk due to the remediation of age-related telomeric shortening. The “threshold” of exercise levels for the longest telomere group was equivalent to 30 minutes of running for women and 40 minutes for men, 5x a week.

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