Khavinson Peptide Complex Anemo 3 Plus

Peptide Complex Anemo 3 Plus by Khavinson Research Peptides.

“Anemo 3 Plus” is a complex of natural polypeptides that improve the functioning of the hematopoietic and immune systems, increase the body’s ability to resist adverse environmental influences. Regulatory peptides help to normalize the synthesis of its own proteins in the bone marrow, thymus and vascular walls. This slows down the rate of pathological changes in the organs, helps to recover better from past illnesses and normalizes overall health.

An extremely positive effect was seen after taking it during the period of recovery from infections. Thanks to the stimulation of the immune system, the rate of recovery of health and general well-being is accelerated.

Take 2 capsules after breakfast.
We recommend repeating the course every 3 months.

Start living brightly and productively

“Anemo 3 Plus” will be useful in case of exposure to frequent stress and physical over strain, with increased mental stress, when additional blood oxygenation is required.
Peptides of the Anemo 3 Plus complex are effective and safe for people of any age:

The composition of the drug allows you to increase efficiency, improve sleep and reduce fatigue.
The peptides help to increase the oxygen content in the blood, thereby improving the saturation of the muscles, heart and brain. This increases efficiency, eliminates drowsiness and weakness.
After the course of bioregulators, sleep disturbances are eliminated, resistance to stress and the action of negative external factors increases. Peptides help protect the body in unfavorable environmental conditions.

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