Only from ENDOLUTEN 60 caps for 139.-€

Endoluten is a natural peptide complex extracted from the Pineal Gland of young animals. They have beneficial effects on the gland cells, they regulate the synthesis of melatonin and improve the function of the neuro-endocrine system. It adjusts all cyclic processes in the body and helps restore the immune system.

Among other products, Endoluten is considered by its developers to be the best remedy for premature ageing because of its highest influence on the life span. It was proved that Pineal Gland peptides can lengthen Telomers, the so called protective caps of the chromosomes that are responsible for keeping cells intact, and increase the Hayflick limit, the number of times a human cell can divide until cell division stops, from 47 to 67 times. Endoluten is the only peptide product that can increase the life span by 42%. 


Regulates the neuroendokrine system
Regulates all cyclic processes in the body
Synchronizes the biological clock
Regulates the reproductive system
Slows down menopause processes
Increases fertility rate
Prevents cancer, particularly of the reproductive system (reduces risk of cancer up to 5 times)
Regulates immune and antioxidant status
Increases life expectancy

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