Russian Peptides from Prof. Khavinson

Conventional medicine provides the only way to cure illnesses – drugs.

However, drugs are non-organic and the body cannot create a single live cell from it. All the non-organic substances turn to salts of oxalic acid and accumulate in a body leading to Arthrosis, Arthritis, Atherosclerosis etc. Main effect of the most medication is the blocking of non-specific proteins synthesized by a certain part of body. However, the reason why the body started synthesizing the non-specific protein is a question which none of the doctors is capable to answer. Drugs do not cure they fight the consequences rather than but not the causes. To start functioning properly the cells of the body have to get back to the original state. Medications are not capable to create this process. The cells of a body need help to recover rather than the consequences removed. Besides medical therapy, a disease can be fought by using a replacement-repair therapy, providing the cells of a body / organ with vitamins, hormones, micro nutrients, etc.

Natural peptides are organic substances that regulate the condition of a cell. What happens when peptides get into the system? They make a cell to function properly and the body starts to cure itself. In other words, the process of restoration of an ill part of the body begins due to normalization of its work on the cellular level. Neither chemical nor surgical intervention is needed. If a body is intoxicated, recovery process with help of biologically active food supplements may take ages while it does not matter in the case of peptides. When they get into the body, they start doing their job straight away giving the new life to cells. They replace old, ill cells with the new ones. Entering cell peptides are capable to increase its lifetime up to 40%. When they enter the body, an active process of recovery begins. Peptide bio regulators have a unique capability to restore the protein synthesis in a body that sub-optimal due to illness or aging. It goes along with increased adaptation potential and recovery of the functional activity of the body. Besides, peptides regulate the activity of genes decreasing the activity of “bad” genes and activating the “good” genes, if necessary, stimulating reproduction of proteins.

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