Endoluten and other Peptide Bioregulator from our Shop in Sweden

“We work to add life to years and to make active and healthy longevity available to everyone “.

It belongs to a class para-pharmaceutics – foods that have healing properties. Not being medicines, Bio Regulators contribute to optimization of functions of cell populations with whom they have a relationship, and thus the normalization of their functioning.

What are Peptides?
peptides are short chains of amino acids linked together. If there are only two amino acids then the peptide is a dipeptide. Similarly there are tripeptides, tetrapeptides, and so on. If the number of amino acids in the chain reaches around ten or so, such substances are called polypeptides, while large polypeptides are called proteins. There is no particular agreed size at which a large polypeptide becomes a small protein, but generally polypeptides have molecular weights of a few thousand, while proteins have molecular weights of tens of thousands. Depending on which amino acids are involved, between seven and ten amino acids will add about 1000 to the molecular weight.

Peptides will help the muscle or soft tissue in this rebuilding healing process.