The New Generation of short Peptides “Peptide Complex-3 Peptides in 1 capsule”

The New Generation of short Peptides “Peptide Complex- “3 Peptides in 1 capsule”

by Khavinson Peptide Research


The intake of peptides rejuvenates organs at the cellular level, thereby improving their functionality.

Rapid wear of body systems occurs in the case of aging of cells with a simultaneous shortage of “building material” for the formation of new ones. It is at this moment that peptide bioregulators come to the rescue. These peptides purposefully bind with the corresponding DNA section, resume the production of the necessary proteins and normalize the functioning of the cells of organs and the body.

Such changes improve the condition of internal organs, increase the body’s immune responses and life expectancy. Thanks to modern extraction technologies and special purification methods, physiologically active peptides are used in the production of complexes. They have an extremely low molecular weight that helps them easily penetrate into the cell nucleus. In this form, pathogenic microorganisms or potentially hazardous substances cannot attach to peptides, which makes their use as safe as possible.

Bioregulators are short peptides that consist of 2-4 amino acids. They give a signal to the DNA molecule to start the synthesis of certain proteins if they are lacking in the organ.

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