Epiphysis & Blood Vessel Peptide combination

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The importance of the pineal gland as an endocrine gland is extremely high. The hormone of the pineal gland – melatonin has a wide range of effects on the functions of various body systems (antioxidant, hormonal, vascular). With the participation of the pineal gland, regulation of cyclic rhythms in the body occurs, melatonin has a direct effect on sleep, glucose metabolism, vascular tone and lipid metabolism. When the functions of the epiphysis are inhibited, a significant activation of the involutional processes takes place, which leads to accelerated aging of the organism, therefore, it was developed to correct and prevent the disorders of the epiphysis that occur in various diseases.


  • It contributes to the systemic normalization of hormonal metabolism, has a positive effect on metabolism and immunity, is effective after radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Restores the normal level of synthesis of the hormone melatonin, has an antioxidant effect and prevents early aging of the body.
  • Normalizes sleep and wakefulness.
  • It is recommended to apply to elderly people for systemic maintenance of endocrine system function.

Method of application: 1-3 tablets 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes before a meal, drinking water. Course: 10–14 days.


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