Peptide Bioregulator

Men's luxury Age Reverse Peptide Bundle



The effectiveness of peptides and anti-age effects have been clinically proven: they increase the rate of skin cell division by 45% in a young organism and by 34% in an aging one.

Peptides accelerate the synthesis of collagen by 1.8 times and the reproduction of the sirtuin protein, which slows down aging, by 11.5 times.


“Are you ready to reveal your best self? Our Peptide combination for men is here to help you achieve optimal health and beauty. Our unique blend of peptide complexes has been tested and approved by leading professionals in the beauty and medical fields.

The proven effectiveness of peptides for anti-aging is undeniable. Clinical studies show that they increase skin cell division by up to 45% in younger individuals and 34% in aging ones. Peptides also accelerate collagen synthesis by 1.8 times and boost the reproduction of sirtuin protein, which slows the aging process by 11.5 times.

Experience the transformative power of our Peptide combination and unlock the keys to happiness with improved health, beauty, intelligence, and strength. Order now and take the first step towards a harmonious life.”

You receive 7 x 60 capsules of the perfect Peptide combination

1 x 60 caps Protector 3 Plus, 1 x 60 caps Vision 3 Plus, 1 x 60 caps Osteo 3 Plus,1 x 60 caps Cardio 3 Plus, 1 x 60 caps Neuro 3 Plus, 1 x 60 caps Recovery 5 Plus,1 x 60 caps Polo 3 Plus

Epitalon AE-0 5 x 1ml