Peptide Bioregulator

Nebulisator Air 360+ Mesh



Mesh technology
– Adjustable inhalation capacity (0.20-0.65 ml / min)
– Portable, easy to carry
– Rechargeable
– Accessories (extra mesh, nozzle, adult mask, children’s mask, etc.)

Nebulisator Air 360+ Mesh from Feellife is flexible and portable, which makes it easy to inhale wherever you are. Easy to charge with USB cable.

Nebulisator Air 360+ Mesh

A nebulizer is used to convert fluid to steam (aerosol) which makes it easier to breathe deep into the lungs. The particles must be smaller than 5 micrometers in order to reach the lungs.

In Nebulisator Air 360+ Mesh, it is a fine-mesh net that vibrates so that the liquid is pushed through and converted into a spray. Air 360+ mimics human breathing by varying the steam between 0.20-0.65ml / min every 6 seconds. You can also regulate how much steam comes in at a time.

The medicine cup in Air 360+ is transparent to make it easier to see how much is left.

Air Pro 360+ nebulizer, USB cable, manual and accessories in the picture.

Size: 108 (L) mm * 72 (W) mm * 182 (H) mm
Weight: 440 g (incl. Battery)

Recommended use:
Top up with the liquid to be inhaled in the container at the top of the nebulizer. Close the container and put on the mask. Start the nebulizer and put the mask over the nose and mouth. Breathe as usual. The nebulizer shuts itself off after 10 minutes of use.

Clean the nebulizer after use. Pour off excess liquid and rinse the container with warm water. Repeat the rinse 2-3 times. Fill the container again with warm water and start it, let it run until all the water is gone. Shake out the last water and allow to air dry.

Charge the Nebulizer using the supplied USB cable.

Allow all parts to air dry before storing the nebulizer to avoid bacterial accumulation!

Important to remember!
The nebulizer’s accessories are consumables. Both mesh filter, mask and nozzle should be replaced from time to time for the machine to function properly and for hygienic reasons. Depending on how often you use your device and what liquid you use, the shelf life can vary between 3-9 months.