Protector 3 Plus Peptide Complex – With Endoluten, Vladonix & Bonomarlot



Significantly improves the entire immune system
Improves blood quality
Improves sleep quality
Increases efficiency and performance
Has pronounced anti-stress and antioxidant effects


Protector 3 Plus Peptide Complex includes Endoluten, Vladonix, Bonomarlot

“Protector 3 Plus Peptide Complex” is an innovative natural remedy that is suitable for people of all ages to maintain the immune system. It contains epiphysis, thymus and bone marrow peptides, which help activate the body’s own resources, improve the immune and neuroendocrine systems to slow down aging, reduce the biological age of the person and significantly improve health. The complex action of the drug provides a significant increase in immunity, improves performance, increases resistance to stress, improves quality of life and prolongs active longevity. Bioregulators are not hormonal drugs, do not cause allergic reactions and other unwanted side effects.

Each capsule is made up of:

Protector 3 Plus Peptide Complex

Protector 3 Plus Peptide Complex” affects all parts of the immune system and prolongs active longevity:

  • The main component of the immune system is T-lymphocytes. Bone marrow peptides increase their reproduction and improve the entire hematopoietic system.
  • The most important organ of the immune system is the thymus. Thymus peptides improve its functionality, so that a large number of T-lymphocytes acquire receptors that help distinguish between foreign proteins, microorganisms and damaged cells. It increases the immune response many times.
  • The work of the entire neuroendocrine system is coordinated by epiphysis. One of the most important tasks of epiphysis is synthesis of own melatonin. Its timely production normalizes biorhythms, maintains a high level of health and slows down the appearance of age-related disorders.

Protector 3 Plus:

Geeignet zur Verbesserung des Immunsystems und des endokrinen Systems in jedem Alter;

Verbessert die Blutqualität und das hämatopoetische System insgesamt;

Erhöht den Melatoninspiegel im Blut, reguliert den Tagesrhythmus und verbessert die Schlafqualität.

Erhöht die Produktion von Seratonin, erhöht die Stressresistenz und verbessert den emotionalen Zustand;

Hat eine ausgeprägte anti-stress-, antioxidative und entzündungshemmende Wirkung;

Verlangsamt den Alterungsprozess, verlängert die aktive Lebenserwartung, verringert das biologische Alter einer Person und verbessert die Gesundheit erheblich.

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