Peptide Bioregulator

Vision 3 Plus Peptide Complex –60 caps includes Visoluten, Cerluten, Ventfort



Improves vision
Improves electrophysiological parameters of the retina
Improves Integral Brain Function
Strengthens the walls of blood vessels

Vision 3 Plus Peptide Complex includes Visoluten, Cerluten, Ventfort

“Vision 3 Plus Peptide Complex” is a complex of natural polypeptides that support and restore visual function. The use of bioregulators allows to support vision at increased loads, reduce the risks of pathology development, improve visual acuity and elektro physiological indices of retinal neuronal function. Bioregulators allow to improve the nourishment of the eye tissue and support its functions at high loads. Reception of the complex will be useful for people who often put their eyesight under heavy strain while watching TV, reading in a poorly lit place or while driving.

Each capsule includes:

Eyes peptides
10 mg

Brain peptides
10 mg

Peptides of vessels
10 mg

“Vision 3 Plus Peptide Complex” safely and gently helps to improve vision function.

  • Natural peptides improve the ability of eye tissues to synthesize their own proteins, enzymes and other biologically active substances.
  • Peptides do not correct vision during use as glasses or lenses. They have a long-term effect, which is maintained even after the application course.
  • Vision depends on the state of the cortical brain, which processes information from the retina. By improving the production of neurotransmitters using peptides, it is possible to maintain a high rate of transmission of nerve impulses and the quality of brain function.

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