Peptide Complex Neuro by Khavinson Peptide Research

Peptide complex Neuro

Polypeptide complex “Neuro 3 Plus” is a natural remedy that stimulates the nervous system and improves brain function. The composition includes peptides of the brain, blood vessels and liver. Due to their properties, bioregulators help people who are exposed to chronic stress, mental strain or those who are busy with intense mental work, to more easily endure stress.

In old age, the effect of polypeptides is aimed at improving the lipid composition of the blood, maintaining vascular health. Peptides have a beneficial effect on memory, attention and thinking.

Take 2 capsules after breakfast.
We recommend repeating the course every 3 months.

Brain activity at maximum values

Bioregulators help improve the state of the nervous system, increase the metabolic rate and the interaction between brain cells. Complex application helps to significantly improve the functions of analysis, perception and assimilation of information.
Peptides affect the synthesis of their own neurotransmitters in the brain cells, rather than deliver them ready-made. Therefore, after completing the course, there is no risk of deterioration.
For people under chronic stress, mental strain or hard mental work, peptides help them cope with stress more easily.
Bioregulators accelerate recovery from injuries of the nervous system, the use of harmful psychoactive substances (alcohol, opiates, nicotine). The peptides help normalize endorphin levels and return to a healthy lifestyle.

Exceed your limit
Peptides of the “Neuro 3 Plus” complex help to achieve improvements in the emotional sphere, to increase efficiency and thought processes. Against the background of intake, brain cells receive protection from oxygen starvation, the balance of neurotransmitters is normalized in them and resistance to stress increases.

The ability to assimilate new knowledge improves, emotional stability and a sense of relaxation after a night’s sleep appear. In old age, the complex is effective in reducing the risk of developing age-related changes in the brain and vascular health.


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