Peptide Bioregulator

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Reception of peptides improves the quality of life, prolongs active longevity and restores organs at the cellular level, improving their functionality.


It should be emphasized that Khavinson peptides selectively bind to specific DNA sites in vitro. They epigenetically regulate expression of genes, (oncogenes, telomerase gene, interleukins genes, transcription factors genes) as well as the synthesis of proteins – markers of differentiation, proliferation, apoptosis and increase the length of telomeres in somatic cells.

These peptides furthermore increase the average lifespan, decrease tumour incidence in animals and decrease human mortality by maintaining endocrine, nervous and immune systems.

Peptide Complexes 3 Plus and 5 Plus. Safe Worldwide Delivery From Sweden

The best Peptide Cosmetic with 4 Peptides in it

Endoluten, Vladonix, Svetinorm, Pinealon, Vesugen, Thyreogen etc.


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Original Khavinson Peptides, invest in your health.

Peptide Bioregulator services

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