Peptide Complex Protector 3 Plus

Peptide Complex Protector

by Khavinson Research Peptides

Suitable for improving the immune and endocrine systems at any age;
Improves the quality of blood and the hematopoietic system as a whole;
Increases blood melatonin levels, regulates circadian rhythms and improves sleep quality;
Increases the production of Serotonin, increasing resistance to stress and improving the emotional state;
Has a pronounced anti-stress, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect;
Slows down the aging process, prolongs active longevity, reduces the biological age of a person and significantly improves health;
Take 2 capsules after breakfast.
We recommend repeating the course every 3 months.

The Protector 3 Plus complex affects all links of the immune system and prolongs active longevity:

The main component of the immune system is T-lymphocytes. Thanks to bone marrow peptides, their reproduction increases and the entire hematopoietic system of the body improves.
The most important organ of the immune system is the thymus. Thymus peptides improve its functionality, so that a large number of T-lymphocytes acquire receptors that help distinguish between foreign proteins, microorganisms and damaged cells. This significantly increases the immune response.
The work of the entire neuroendokrine system is coordinated by the pineal gland. One of the most important tasks of the pineal gland is the synthesis of its own melatonin. Its timely production normalizes biorhythms, maintains a high level of health and slows down the onset of age-related disorders.

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