Peptide Cosmetic from Peptide Bioregulator Sweden

Youth Gems HAND CREAM 100 ml

The impact of adverse environmental factors (environmental, climatic, geochronopathogenic, professional and psycho-emotional) causes the creation of free radicals in the skin cells which leads to disruption of the functions of various skin structures and, as a consequence, premature aging of the skin.

The use the in the cosmetic product composition of substances with antioxidant activity and the ability to restore impaired skin functions makes it possible to level the negative impact of the environmental stress factors on the skin and prevents its premature aging. However, the antioxidant effect alone does not solve all the problems associated with impaired functioning of the skin.

The cosmetic industry development makes researchers look for more progressive solutions aimed at improving the skin condition; in this regard, scientists have recently changed their focus on peptide bioregulators.

The YOUTH GEMS® line of cosmetics – with peptides and ginseng – is a specially developed programme for comprehensive care for the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and body. The composition of cosmetic products in the series includes unique active ingredients, such as short peptides, which have a targeted tissue-specific effect on all the basic structures of the skin, and ginseng biomass extract characterised by a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect as well as a number of other active ingredients.

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